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Las Vegas Mobile Massage $70 Per Hour

Convenient Pain & Stress Relief in the comfort of your Home, Hotel or Business
las vegas mobile massage las vegas

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las vegas mobile massage las vegas

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All Massage Types ~Direct To You

About Las Vegas Mobile Massage

Massage by Michael is an experienced, professional massage therapist offering Las Vegas Mobile Massage to clients throughout the valley.  In a typical format, the massage therapist typically operates at a single location in a salon setting.  With mobile massage, that arrangement is turned around.

In a town like Las Vegas, where so many people visit from other parts of the country, the phrase mobile massage can be confusing because of the different terms people use.  Whether you refer to it as in-home massage, out-call massage, in-office massage or corporate massage, the basic dynamic is the same. Michael will travel to where you are located to provide a relaxing or therapeutic massage session.

Anyone can benefit from the services of a private massage therapist however, there are a few special cases where the benefit of mobile massage services stand out.

For clients visiting Las Vegas for vacation or corporate events, free time may be at a premium.  The stress involved with working through our unfamiliar traffic patterns or calling an Uber to take you to an unfamiliar location can be counter-productive to the state of relaxation that comes with a typical massage.

For Vegas residents, the familiar surroundings may not be the issue.  Some people simply prefer the comfort of receiving a house call in their own space. 

Easy access to in home therapeutic massage services can also benefit clients dealing with serious injuries.  The ability to avoid the discomfort of traveling to a spa or clinic can actually promote the healing process.  There is quite a bit of value in having a private massage therapist travel to you if that’s the only way to experience a therapeutic massage. 

In addition, a Las Vegas mobile massage is often the best solution if you’re a stay at home parent or you just want a no hassle way of accommodating a companion service animal.

If you prioritize convenience, enjoy your own surroundings, and value the benefits of a relaxing or therapeutic massage, you are an ideal candidate to make mobile massage a regular part of your wellness routine.

If you’ve ever travelled to a spa for a massage, you may be surprised to find that the only difference between that and a mobile massage is your surroundings. 

Whether Michael arrives at your location to provide a chair massage or a full body massage, the protocols you’re accustomed to are the same.

  • Michael arrives with everything he needs to provide a spa-quality massage.
  • Once you direct him to an area where he can set-up, he’ll prepare for your session.
  • For a chair massage, you are fully clothed and seated in a specially designed portable chair.  A chair massage usually involves a massage of your neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands.
  • With a full body massage Michael provides you the space to undress to your comfort level. 
  • Once the session is complete, Michael will allow a few minutes for you to rest before collecting his equipment to leave.

Michael provides spa quality mobile massage services primarily in Las Vegas and on the Las Vegas Strip.  Please call for a custom quote for service calls to surrounding cities and towns outside of Las Vegas.